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Twig Equal Fragrances are designed to create spaces and OMOTENASHI to people. Products made from naturally derived ingredients allow you to bring the energy of nature into your daily life.


Twig’s scent is not a momentary experience but a memory that stays with you.




Our salon offers a special menu that combines haircuts with head care to achieve a beautiful haircut. We not only cut your hair, but also focus on the health of your scalp and hair. Our highly experienced and skilled stylists will provide you with the best style that fits your personality and lifestyle. This menu is perfect for those who want to relax and have the most beautiful hair. We invite you to enjoy a special experience at our salon.





We are a hair salon offering head spas using our original herbal oil. Our head spas are highly relaxing and ideal for relieving your daily stress.

Our herbal oils are blended from a variety of high quality oils to provide a rich and pleasant texture.

In addition, we are committed to fragrance and guarantee that from the moment you arrive at our store, you will be soothed and refreshed by the aroma of our products.

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​ LINE又はZOOMよりヘアスタイルやヘアケアのご相談を受けております。お悩みなどお気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。ご相談のみのお問い合わせでも大丈夫です


​Cut / ベーシック                                ¥6600


​Cut / ヘアドネーション                        ¥6600

*A flat rate is applied regardless of age.

​Cut / プレミアム                                   ¥12600

Hair cut, head spa, scalp care, and treatment. Treatment can be changed to a facial. (For men only) Maximum 120 minutes from start to finish.


Cut+ドライヘッドスパ                         ¥8200

Head massage with lotion for about 10 minutes while the hair is dry. After that, we will shampoo and cut the hair as usual.

Cut+スカルプヘッドスパ                       ¥9800

.We use high quality oil to cleanse and care for the scalp. After that, we will perform a regular cut. This menu takes up to 90 minutes from start to finish.


プレミアムケア/SB込                           ¥9800

Full care including head spa, scalp, and treatment. Treatment can be changed to a facial. (For men only) Maximum 120minutes from start to finish.

Cut+フェイシャル(男性のみ)           ¥8200

Cut+ヘアカラー                                    ¥13000

Cut+プレミアムカラー                          ¥19000


Bleach使用料                                       ¥6600


Cut+Perm                                            ¥12600~

Cut+Straight                                        ¥16500~

Cut+Treatment                                     ¥8200~

Shampoo&Blow                                  ¥3300

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